Gwen Stacy’s Graduation Speech

Ada satu adegan di Film ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’, dimana Gwen dan Peter akan diwisuda. Gwen sebagai lulusan terbaik, menyampaikan pidato kelulusannya di depan lulusan lainnya. Simpel, tapi sangat dalam makna yang terkandung dalam pidato kelulusan tersebut. Berikut cuplikannya:

I know that we all think we’re immortal. we’re supposed to feel that way, we’re graduating but like our brief four years in high school, what makes life valuable is that it doesn’t last forever, what makes it precious is that it ends. We know that now more than ever. And I say it, today of all days is to remind us that time is luck.

So don’t waste it living someone elses’ life. Make yours count for something. Fight for what matters to you, no matter what.

It is easy to feel hopeful on a beautiful day like today, but there will be dark days ahead of us too. There will be days when you feel all alone, and that’s when hope is needed most. No matter how bad it gets or how lost you feel, you must promise me, that you will hold on to hope. Keep it alive, we have to be greater than what we suffer.

No matter how life will go on, just be hopefully. So you will always live the life happily 🙂


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