Saya dapet ini dari file yang dikasih sama guru SMA saya.. Ya, true friend memang bisa diibaratkan seperti anggota-anggota tubuh manusia. Silahkan membaca di anatominya di bawah ini.. 🙂

Will always see you for your true self
Will always see the best in you

Will always have them open to listen
To really hear what you are saying

To always tell the truth and give their thoughts
To help talk through things if life gets messy

Will be your strength when you can’t carry yourself
Will always let you lean on and cry on them

Will always offer hugs
Will always make you feel comfortable

To hold yours when you need a little guidance
To help you get up when you may fall

To love you for who you are
Will always have a place for you

To walk with you throughout your life
To be the very best friend they can be


2 respons untuk ‘Friends(2)

  1. Ya,..ya,..ya,….. Kalo yang gak punya sahabat berarti kaum tuna ya ?….heheh, bercanda, jangan marah ya,…..(but it’s good , I like it. Thanks)

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